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No Face, No Life
by Rellawing
Editors: Rellawing, Assurbanipal II, ShinjiHinako
👁️ 10 ❤️ 9 📄 2 👤 0 Warnings: Excessive Silliness, Violence Susumu was a young man who was born to a well-off, traditional family in Japan. He was born with a unique face which got him labeled as 'the little yakuza', despite his kindly nature. A brave girl stood up to this "demon" and as a result an extraordinary friendship was born. Susumu fell in love with her, and you might think things would go perfectly, but no.

Later on, Susumu came to lose his identity, his mind, and his humanity. After a wild several days, he gained far more.

Meanwhile murders had been committed by a shadow-cloaked individual. Only the spiritual and yokai of Tokyo can handle this case.

This is a thrilling mystery story full of fluff, crazy comedy, magic and many twists. Welcome to my third novel!
ActionComedyDramaGender BenderGirl's LoveHorrorMysteryTragedyYokai
Table of Contents 2
. Prologue 08/10/22
. 01: Meet My Parents 08/10/22
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