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Kamifan - Could it be? Kami-sama is my number one fan?
by Rellawing
Editors: Trismegistus Shandy, Thermidor
👁️ 4 ❤️ 2 📄 1 👤 0 Warnings: Zaniness off the charts! I screwed up big time and I woke up in a dark place. There, I met the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen! My Stalker-sama! She sent me to another world and made me a cat-girl! The power she gave me is really cool, but I wouldn’t have picked it! At least she sent me to a world full of sexy girls!

A note from Kami: The earthly author Rellachi was elated to find that people well received Aimi’s foolish memoirs which she ‘somehow’ managed to smuggle from Gardenia. That fact amused me to no end. She seems to have wisely decided to pace herself in regard to her submissions of this drivel. I at least approve of the simpler and cuter book title she attached to them. It’s probably catchier and is easier to remember. Why didn’t that fact occur to Aimi? I suppose all she cared about was ‘looking cool’ to those from the planet she graduated from in an epic display of failure. How could cheesy isekai-style book titles ever catch on, really? *facepalms*
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