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Euphonia - Requiem to a Cursed World
by Rellawing
Editors: Rellawing, Assurbanipal II
👁️ 22 ❤️ 5 📄 1 👤 0 Warnings: Gore, Strong Language “When I sleep, I find myself alone in the middle of nowhere.”

Upon arrival in Euphonia, Sano Haku learns how cruel life can be in an apocalyptic world overrun by goblins, demons, monsters, and war. Unwilling to bow her head and face her own ‘inevitable’ destruction, to survive, Hana works to gain enough strength to become an adventurer. With no clear path to become an anointed hero, can Hana become the savior that this world and its nearly dead goddess, Alvera desperately needs?
IsekaiFantasyGender BenderGirl's LoveActionAdventureHorrorRomanceSlice of Life
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